Applied Technologies

Multipurpose complex in Block 65 will be the first in the Balkans where, in cooperation with BEXEL company, the most advanced computer technology for virtual design and construction (VDC) will be applied from the concept design to final construction stage.

VDC technology entails making a detailed virtual 4D model design, which provides engineers with the possibility to review overall building complex in terms of both space and time, i.e. during the overall life cycle of the complex. Based on the computer model, it is possible to make a detailed dynamic plan of construction, optimum use of machinery and work force. Thus, it is expected to achieve high level of energy efficiency of the building.

Therefore, as early as the preliminary computer simulation of the overall construction process, the application of numerous optimized methods will guarantee high level of construction quality together with thoroughly analyzed and adopted, i.e. assigned and contracted construction deadlines.