Will customers be able to choose materials for finishing?

Customers will be able to choose from 3 types of ceramic and 3 types of flooring.

Is it possible to purchase more than one parking space?

It is possible to purchase several parking spaces.

What does individual heating and cooling system mean?

Individual heating and cooling system allows each apartment’s owner to determine the temperature in accordance with his/her needs through individual heating system and central cooling system and to pay just as much as he/she actually spent.

How will complex security issue be solved?

The complex will be equipped with modern security systems that will imply 24-hour professional security.

Will professional maintenance and management of the complex be provided after completion of works?

Investor will entrust complex maintenance to professional maintaining company after the construction.

What are complex ancillary facilities?

There are various facilities in the complex, which will allow future residents to have “all-in-one-place”: butcher shop, shoe store, bakery, bank, spa and wellness center, dry cleaning, minimarket, restaurant, cafe, children’s playground and other facilities that are essential for future residents to have convenient and comfortable life.

Are there interested buyers for apartments in West 65 complex? Have any apartments been sold?

Considering that people are familiar with the project and its construction, the interest exceeds expectations, especially in recent months. This is evidenced by the percentage of already bought apartments.For more information visit our sales center.

What technologies are used in buildings' construction? Lately there is much speculation that buildings are big polluters and how negative their impact on the environment is?

We comply with all environmental standards in construction, using high quality imported materials and equipment, with the intention of preserving the environment, and along with it the beautiful environment that will surround us. In fact, we were focused on the environment protection, ie. using of alternative and renewable energy sources that represent our future.

How West 65 project can convey the spirit of old Belgrade in New Belgrade?

West 65 project represents the latest life concept thanks to ancillary facilities, squares, parks and services that create a unique atmosphere of housing, lifestyle and sense of belonging. Special charm comes from old Belgrade parts – Kosanchichev and Toplichin Venac, those parts have been a source of inspiration for West 65 architects.

What are the advantages of living in New Belgrade over the old part of town?

New Belgrade, in terms of space and infrastructure, is a complete unit, where everyday facilities are available: numerous shopping centers, wide boulevards, parking, proximity of rivers, built cycle lanes, thanks to lowland location of this part of the city, proximity of the airport and E75 highway, as well as the opportunity to follow numerous sport and entertainment events in Belgrade Arena and the Sava Center.

What exactly will be achieved by creating the center of New Belgrade?

New Belgrade residents can satisfy all their basic needs already in New Belgrade, but visiting the city center itself is often related to the emotional aspect. West 65 project provides objects that attach residents to New Belgrade, to spend time in West 65 complex and create a sense of identification with the atmosphere, which was conveyed from the city center thanks to squares, cafes, objects, the space, which is designed to attract and create a sense of belonging.

What will the residential part of West 65 complex look like?

The residential segment of the complex provides future residents with privacy and comfort, while reflecting the atmosphere of city center pedestrian zones. 514 apartments of various size will be available for residents. Basic characteristics of apartments are first-class materials, optimal space organization, low-cost heating system, maintaining and management.

What will the business part of West 65 complex look like?

The tower will contain three separate organizational units: A category hotel and office space and suites, serviced by the standards of international hotel operators. The tower will have 39 floors and it will be almost 150 meters tall. Its main characteristics are flexible office space organization and basic office space finishing, in order to satisfy specific user needs.

What will be available in the commercial part of West 65 complex?

Commercial part of the complex will include more than 100 retail shops located on the ground floors of residential buildings and modern shopping center. All facilities are carefully designed and structured to satisfy any possible requirement of all users. Supermarket, famous brands retail shops, spa and wellness center, places of entertainment were planned to be build.

Where is West 65 complex located?

West 65 is situated on one of the most attractive locations in New Belgrade – at the corner of Omladinskih Brigada Street and the inner city ring-road. The location features well-developed traffic infrastructure and public transportation network, enabling quick and convenient access to all parts of the city. The immediate vicinity of the complex abounds in shopping, office and service centres, therefore contributing to the quality of life and business.

Who are the project's architects? What are their references and previous projects?

The architects engaged in this project are renowned architectural firm Fletcher Priest from London and PSP-Farman Holding’s architects. Their projects are Waterpark Place in London, office / commercial building of Rio Tinto company in London, Vodafone office in England as well as many others.

Is moving in process in progress? When the second phase of construction will begin?

The first phase of construction of the West65 complex was completed successfully. The first phase included the construction of three blocks with 150 apartments, 19 retail shops and 229 parking places. Occupancy permit is obtained. All apartments are ready for moving in. The begging of second phase of construction is scheduled for the end of July, when the construction of two more blocks with 100 apartments will start.