Why West 65?


West 65 complex was built to last. Apartment, where you plan your future, will become an apartment, where your kids will plan their family. Only the highest quality building materials can guarantee durability and withstand the ravages of time.

  • Construction of residential project is reinforced concrete. It consists of a monolithic ceilings that rest on reinforced concrete walls, stair and elevator core, and reinforced concrete columns and beams carry the weight of the entire construction. The project is founded on the reinforced concrete slab, that ensures durability.
  • Partition walls between apartments are 20 cm thick and they are made of reinforced concrete or brick. Walls inside the apartments were built and installed of finest quality precast slabs.



Peaceful and pleasant life is a life we all dream of. In the West 65 complex you can peacefully sleep, because you know that your dearest are safe and carefree. The security systems and the latest technology are installed in apartments and buildings to prevent unwanted situations.

The concept of the so-called condominium settlement is implemented in West 65 complex, for the first time in this market. The separate company “West 65 d.o.o.” was established to deal with security and maintenance of the complex. Agreement for maintenance and security is signed with the purchase of apartment and our professional organization takes care of the smooth functioning of the complex. The aim is that all possible damages are repaired immediately and the residents feel safe.

  • Entrance doors of apartments are security doors, with anti-theft lock, coated with wood. Doors comply with all requirements for acoustics and security.
  • Internal doors are made ​​in two types (according to way of opening): classic and sliding. Classic doors are with wooden frame and leaf covered on both sides with plywood with smooth surface or in combination with glass, equipped with quality fittings. Internal sliding doors are with wooden frame and leaf covered on both sides with plywood with smooth surface in combination with glass or made completely of glass.
  • Every apartment is equipped with an intercom with color display.
  • Video surveillance system enables monitoring of parking space, blocks’ entrance halls and the construction perimeter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Card access control system is enabled for controlled access of parking space, only for respective cards resident-holders.
  • Automatic and manual fire warning systems cover all common facilities in the complex: garage levels, entrance halls and elevator halls. The system provides permanent monitoring and automatic alarm in case of fire.
  • Carbon monoxide detecting system covers both garage levels. The system provides permanent monitoring and automatic alarm in case of exceedance of carbon monoxide content.



When you imagine your future in your new home, you imagine it in fulsome detail, the interior that reminds of the work of art, rather than apartment. Quality materials, excellent execution and elegant appearance sound like an impossible combination – until you step into the West 65 complex.

  • The floors in all bedrooms and living rooms, hallways and entrance halls are laid with first class oak parquet.
  • The floors in a kitchen and a bathroom are laid with A-class ceramic tiles.
  • Interior walls smoothing and half-dispersion paint finishing. Rooms’ ceilings smoothing and quality half-dispersion paint finishing. The ceilings in the entry halls, kitchens and bathrooms are lowered with precast panels and then they are smoothened and finished with half-dispersion paints.
  • All bathrooms and toilets are equipped with sanitary equipment of white ceramic. Sinks are equipped with chrome siphon and console mask of white ceramic. Bathtubs are installed with chrome drain, overflow dike, odor blocker and reviewing opening. Toilets are consoles with installed tanks with chrome buttons. All valves are single lever mixing, shower mixer is with slider and shower is with a plastic hose matching valve’s color. Particular bathrooms are equipped with  niche separated by glass door, where boiler, taps, connectors for washing machine and drier are. Bathrooms are ventilated with wall or ceiling axial fans.
  • Kitchens are equipped with single lever mixing valves for hot and cold water. Kitchen’s electrical equipment consists of a sockets for refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and double socket above work surface, as well as outlets for aspirator and lights.



In each of us there is a hedonist who wants to rest in the comfort of its home after a busy day. Every morning and evening in our apartments your inside hedonist will enjoy all provided possibilities, whether it is hot summer or cold winter.

West 65 complex is unique in our market, according to the latest utilising technologies. The complex has central cooling system in terms of which coolant from the well is delivered to floor convectors in apartments, through the cooling water facility. Each apartment is equipped with a gas boiler that heats water for household purposes and this heated water is used for heating apartments through the same floor convectors in winter. Every room in every apartment has individual thermostat for setting the desired temperature. In this way, the residents save more than 30% of energy in comparison with apartments that are connected to a central, urban heat supply network and that are cooled individually with so-called split units in summer.



West 65 complex is located in the most beautiful part of New Belgrade, where you will have a good view of the quay, on the one side and a view of the one of the most modern and best-known sights of Belgrade – Ada Bridge on the other side. To enjoy these views from the terrace of the apartment is invaluable experience that we will gladly provide you with. For the sake of greater pleasure, there are three types of terraces within the complex.

  • Terrace  – standard

Floor covering on balconies is made of first class granite anti-slip ceramic. Facade fronts of terrace are formed by glass railings, fixed blinds and sunscreen awnings. Terrace railings are made ​​of laminated glass and the part of the terrace is made of vertical aluminum blinds. All terraces are equipped with awning operated by electric motor with switches in living room and bedrooms.

  • Terrace  – first floor

Floor covering on balconies is made of first class granite anti-slip ceramic. Facade fronts of terrace are formed by facade walls and parapet made of reinforced concrete, that is terrace railing.

  • Terrace  – penthouse

Floor covering on balconies is made of first class granite anti-slip ceramic.Facade fronts of terrace are formed by parapet made of reinforced and glass railing.



West 65 is situated on one of the most attractive locations in New Belgrade – at the corner of Omladinskih Brigada Street and the inner city ring-road. The location features well-developed traffic infrastructure and public transportation network, enabling quick and convenient access to all parts of the city. The immediate vicinity of the complex abounds in shopping, office and service centres, therefore contributing to the quality of life. You need less than 15 minutes to get to the city center.

The complex is located in:

  • 0.5 km from E-75 highway
  • 9.0 km from Nikola Tesla airport
  • 1.7 km from river Sava
  • 2.3 km from river Danube
  • 4.5 km from city center
  • 1.6 km from „Kombank Arena“

The complex is characterized by:

  • Direct connection with the bridge over Ada Ciganlija

Excellent transport accessibility