The sale of the apartments in the Tower has officially started. The Tower will have been finished by June 2021, in two years’ time, and it will become the symbol of Belgrade, but most of all, the symbol of unique and luxurious quality of life. It was created by the international PSP – Farman Holding development company and its Belgrade branch- PFP. The structure made of glass and aluminium will rise 144 meters above Belgrade and it will be situated in prestigious business and residential complex West 65. Close to the Danube, in the pedestrian zone of West 65, the Tower will have glass and satin aluminium façade that will reflect the light during the whole day and enable you to enjoy the whole Belgrade panoramic view. The Tower is exclusively residential, and there are 294 residential units, from 37m2 to 416m2. The windows go from the floor up to the ceiling, with the possibility of sliding, and they enable you to enjoy both clean air and vastness of the metropolis in front of you. As a part of the Tower, there is also Wellness centre, a space of around 1054m2, situated on the second floor. Completely private Spa centre consists of a modern equipped gym, swimming pool with thermal water and 30 degrees’ water temperature, the cinema for private projections, space for spending time with your friends, for birthday and other parties, with hair salon and beauty parlor. There is also the parking with 326 parking places below the Tower, so you can reach your apartment with the elevator, directly from the garage. At the entrance of the Tower hall, there is 24/7 concierge service at your disposal. The entrance to the Tower is possible only with the special card owned by the apartment owners. Close to the Tower, there are: - Montessori kindergarten - Playroom - Park - Shopping mall


155 m







Parking places

37 m²

The smallest apartments

416 m²

The biggest apartments

9 km

To Nikola Tesla airport

4,5 km

To the city center

1,7 km

To the river


Underground garage

24/7 security service

Spa center

The most innovative gym


Unique view

1,7 km to the river

4,5 km to the city center

9,0 km to the airport

Aero testing

For your safety and residential comfort, the investor has constructed the model of the whole West 65 complex and performed the tests in a wind tunnel, in order to examine wind influence on Tower façade and how 155-meter-high Tower affects the objects in the surrounding. The model was created and the tests were performed in collaboration with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade and Aero-Technical Laboratory. 80 pressure sensors were placed on the model. The examination was performed under the wind gusts of 5 to 30 m/s (from 18km/h to 108km/h) under different angles. The results show that aerodynamics of both Tower and the whole complex is in accordance with all highest world standards and that it provides the most comfortable residential conditions.

40 floors of safe and comfortable life

Our goal is not only high- quality construction, but also high- quality life of every Tower tenant. Peace and safety are the main values that we are led by, therefore you can enjoy the high safety measures such as 24/7 security service, video surveillance and constant access control.